april 10

04-10-15 "spring friendship"
04-10-15 “spring friendship”

8×6″, acrylic on matboard

Several years ago, a woman commissioned me to do a scraped painting of certain colors and then letter a popular poem (by “anonymous”) onto the painting. The color ideas were based on one of my poem-paintings that she saw somewhere. Commissions can be very tricky, especially if the client has a strong and certain image in their mind of what the product should look like. We finally got there, but I still have some early ones that I rejected.

Today’s painting is one of the rejects after I scraped some new paint over the old. The poem was about friendship, and the original colors were very spring-like, so I’ve titled this “spring friendship” even though the look of it has changed drastically. You can still read some of the words below the paint if you look closely. The partially hidden words make it a little more mysterious.

april 9

04-09-15 "color patterns"
04-09-15 “color patterns”

7.5×5.25″ mixed media

Here is some acrylic paint scraped and brushed on matboard, with some silk sari strips collaged on top.

april 8

04-08-15 "drops on sedum"
04-08-15 “drops on sedum”

digital photo

The flower and plant growth now emerging sported some lovely drops this morning after the sprinkles and mist and fog. This is a close-up of sedum with drops. The only thing I did other than zooming in on the computer is convert it to black and white. Just because.

april 7

04-07-15 "family reunion"
04-07-15 “family reunion” —SOLD—

6.25×6.25″ acrylic on matboard

Scraped paint over scraped paint again. This evokes for me of a gaggle of people gathered together—all ages and sizes and shapes, colorful characters in conversation, an array of food and clothing. Yeah, sounds about like a family reunion to me. 😉

april 5

04-05-15 "bunny hops"
04-05-15 “bunny hops”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic

This started with a little scraped paint (thick), that I cut into with a painter’s tool. I didn’t like those colors by themselves, so I added the purple around. Then the pink (which became more magenta when I went over the whole thing with diluted magenta glaze). In the end, it reminded me of Easter egg colors…and the somewhat circuitous movements (at times) of our local bunnies.

april 4

04-04-15 "scratching the surface"
04-04-15 “scratching the surface” —SOLD—

2.5×3.5″ acrylic

I slathered on a few colors of green and blue, then cut into it with a painting tool. Maybe did a little too much, but I was having fun.

april 3

04-03-15 "juggling act"
04-03-15 “juggling act”

3.5×2.5″, collage

Well, here’s kind of a crazy one to end the week—pieces of silk sari strips cut into shape and adhered onto the card. Add some metallic confetti for good measure. Then brush on two colors of watered-down acrylic on the white background and rub some off. That’s Friday for you!

april 2

04-02-15 "flying'
04-02-15 “flying” —SOLD—

2.5×3.5″ acrylic

A quick little Artist-Trading-Card size acrylic painting, although it never goes quite as quickly as I hope!