september 9

09-09-15 "matrix"
09-09-15 “matrix”

8×5″ acrylic, ink on sketchbook page

Another page in the sketchbook. I scraped some acrylic, created the lines with ink pen, then added the white acrylic triangles with a brush.

september 8

09-08-15 "spent coneflower"
09-08-15 “spent coneflower”

digital photo

Scrambling to get a daily today…. I worked on some paintings, but I was just tired, uninspired, unhappy with what I did, unable to think more creatively today. So, I took this photo (one of three) of a spent (and uprooted by someone or something) coneflower from our front yard. Finches are happily grazing on the seedheads now, even though the flowers look less than lovely this time of year. Our neighbors probably don’t appreciate it, but the birds certainly do!

The other two photos will be my fallback position if I am unfortunate enough to have more of these days ahead. Carry on!

september 5

09-05-15 "polar bear sighting"
09-05-15 “polar bear sighting”

5×8″ acrylic, ink on sketchbook page

A little scraping, a little brushing, a little doodling with ink—all add up to this. What’s with the title? I now cannot un-see the tiny polar bear head appearing in the piece, so respect must be paid.

september 4

09-04-15 "word spear"
09-04-15 “word spear”

9×7″ acrylic, collage on matboard

This one began with a scrape of some leftover paint on my palette from another painting. I collaged a small piece from a shade sample (the rectangular two-tone piece) on top of that. Then I added some brushed-on acrylic (cerulean blue) to either side of the scraped-on area, and enhanced the middle red with some alizarin crimson. The final addition was an almost black line on top of (and extending beyond) the collaged piece.

september 3

09-03-15 "carousel"
09-03-15 “carousel”

5×8″ acrylic, silk

Page 3 in my occasional sketchbook. I used a print block first (mostly to use up the paint and already inked-up block). Later I collaged on a silk sari strip that had a subtle print on it. I decided to extend that print (with a brush) onto the paper with similar colors of acrylic paint. Lastly, I added a slight background color of mostly transparent zinc white with a little bit of unbleached titanium.

september 2

09-02-15 "bundle"
09-02-15 “bundle”

8.25×5.5″ acrylic, silk on matboard

I scraped acrylic paint on this black matboard and hoped it was done, but it wasn’t. I added two subtle block prints (orange polka dots), but that still didn’t do it. Then I added the strip of green silk and collaged it on top. And that was that.

september 1

09-01-15 "year of the ?"
09-01-15 “year of the ?”

5×7″ acrylic

To me this has a bit of an Asian vibe, although I didn’t intend that or see it coming. I brushed on layers of acrylic and collaged one dried acrylic blob from the palette (the creature in the bottom left). Not sure what any of this is all about, but this is what happened today.