january 6

01-06-15 "riding the wave"
01-06-15 “riding the wave”

Painted earlier in the day today, so I could get better light—another scraped acrylic painting on matboard (about 6.5″ square). It’s always interesting to see where and how I place the paint, how softly (or not) I drag the scraper, what the paint does under the influence of the scraper, and what my reaction to the “product” is!

january 4

#4  "love and happiness"
01-04-15 “love and happiness”

Mixed media: ink, watercolor pencil, yarn, gloss gel medium on an ATC (artist trading card).  The “title” is from the fact that I was listening to some Al Green music when I did the first part of this card (playing back the Kennedy Center honors show).

I think I need a better camera set-up—and perhaps try to finish the piece before nightfall!