march 8

03-08-15 "mosaic leaf"
03-08-15 “mosaic leaf”

digital photo

Here is another image from the woods—a dried leaf on the ground revealing much more character than I realized when it first caught my eye. I have a couple of other views of this same leaf that I may post in the coming days.

march 7

03-07-15 "new growth"
03-07-15 “new growth”

digital photo

Today was a beautiful day for a stroll in the woods. Visual and audio delights abounded (especially when the geese started infighting after invading the ducks’ space on the pond). This image is a close-up of green growth (fungi? lichen?) on a rotting log on the ground; life amid decay.

february 20

02-20-15 "pine cone petals"
02-20-15 “pine cone petals”

digital photo

As I was walking outside this afternoon (hazy sunny and 37 degrees—woo hoo!), a pine cone (several actually) appeared alongside the path. I picked one up and carried it home, where I set it on the snow for a photo shoot. Then I zoomed and cropped on the computer to show a closer view. I like how the cone petals arrange themselves. Nature’s art.

february 15

02-15-15 "suspended"
02-15-15 “suspended”

A new digital photo of snow and garden near the house. It looks like the middle part is suspended—like a spider on an invisible web. Actually it’s the top part of a dormant plant peeking up through the snow—the only part of the twig that is in sharp focus.

february 9

02-09-15 "garden detritus"
02-09-15 “garden detritus”

This still life on snow is as I found it yesterday morning. Nature’s design (with some help from a shovel and snowblower, I’m guessing). It reminds me of quiet days gone by.