october 4, 2017

10-04-17 "facing the other"
10-04-17 “facing the other”

acrylic on paper

I bought a new hot press watercolor block which is perfect for these colorful scrape paintings. Less is more. This will probably contain a poem at some point. For now, enjoy the colors (which seem a little more saturated in real life) and forms.

october 3, 2017

10-03-17  "falling"
10-03-17 “falling”

acrylic, marker on Bristol ATC 3.5×2.5″

I did a little “leftover” scrape of paint on this and embellished with a few markers while listening to “All Things Considered” yesterday. Another mass shooting, another day of ridiculousness in Congress, another death of a musical icon of my earlier life. Falling.

september 15, 2017

09-15-17 "red night vision"
09-15-17 “red night vision”

magnetic word play

I spent some time playing with magnetic poetry tiles this week. I found them somewhere amid the slap-together-studio piles of things that I’m still discovering more than a year after our move. And, as luck would have it, today I also found the perfect sized frame and glass that I needed for a painting that’s been underway for a few months (but that will have to wait for its debut).

This is the magnetic word play daily jane “red night vision,” which also happens to be the title of the painting mentioned above.

august 20, 2017

08-20-17 "blood and soil"
08-20-17 “blood and soil”
copyright 2017
Jane Robinette

This is one of the poems I wrote last week for my online poetry MOOC. I wrote a good bit of it before the assignment came out because I needed to do it for myself. To fit the assignment, I had to revise and add. This is the result. Not sure it’s done, but it’s what I submitted.

I know, it’s an image. Not very helpful. If you click on the image on this page, it will take you to the full-sized image, which is still kind of small. While pressing and holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard, also click the “+” key and it will zoom in a little more each time you click.

august 10, 2017

08-10-17 "rosebud 3"
08-10-17 “rosebud 3”

digital photo

And the third photo of the Rose of Sharon. I can’t tell if the Japanese beetles have made this flower fold in upon itself and it won’t open, or if this is the stage before it opens, or if this is the stage after it’s been open (although I don’t think so, because it’s just starting to bloom…). In any case, still lots of beauty in form and color and line.