march 31

03-31-15 "suspended dive"
03-31-15 “suspended dive”

8×6″ acrylic on canvas board

This little canvas board came from the Mystery Build Kit I received last year and that I didn’t use in my project. It’s the perfect size for daily art!

I was going to collage some silk thread onto the painting to make the pink/magenta horizontal lines coming out, but I remembered how the thread (and fabric) tends to darken a lot when I collage with them. So, I just used paint to mimic the shape of what I hoped the thread would do.

march 29

03-29-15 "tiny bubbles"
03-29-15 “tiny bubbles”

digital photo, manipulated

I took some photos of some lovely soap bubbles in a pot in the kitchen sink. I figured I would zoom in and crop one of the photos on the computer and post the raw image. But…once I selected the photo I liked, I decided to try a few software filters to see if one enhanced it or ruined it. The glowing edges filter was the winner. And here is the result.

march 28

03-28-15 "standing there"
03-28-15 “standing there”

8×5″ acrylic on matboard

I had been looking at an earlier version of this on my art table for some time. Finally decided I would add something new and see what happened. This happened.

Random quote of the day (from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way):
Art? You just do it.” —Martin Ritt

march 27

03-27-15 "road to ruin"
03-27-15 “road to ruin”

9×6″ acrylic on matboard

I bought some new paint at my local art store today, so I had to try them out (including brilliant yellow green, turner’s yellow, transparent raw sienna, and two others I didn’t use in this piece). Then I added more that I already had on hand (brilliant blue, brilliant purple, and cadmium red deep, and possibly alizarin crimson).

march 26

03-26-15 "emerging"
03-26-15 “emerging”

10×8″, acrylic

I paint so often with the scraping technique that I forget how good it feels to work with a brush—even manic brushwork (maybe especially manic brushwork)! Anyway, this was a nice change of pace.

march 25

03-25-15 "warrior"
03-25-15 “warrior”

10×8″ acrylic on matboard

I didn’t have much time to spend on this scraped, pressed, textured renovated painting today. It’s a dreary day for picture-taking, and the textured parts are difficult to see. Hoping for more art time tomorrow!

march 24

03-24-15 "royal"
03-24-15 “royal”

9×8.5″ acrylic on fabric

No more silk on hand (at least in pre-cut sizes), but I have had so much fun painting on fabric (using acrylic, not fabric paint) that I scraped some acrylic on this piece of nylonish-polyesterish-something-or-otherish purple for today’s daily.

march 22

03-22-15 "what the fuzz"
03-22-15 “what the fuzz”

digital photo

Also along the river trail were lots of cattails that were molting (incorrect technical term)—sloughing off their seed fuzz. I don’t remember ever seeing this up close before. I have another photo of a whole party of cattails together that I might post later (tomorrow?), but I like the close up for today.