august 20, 2017

08-20-17 "blood and soil"
08-20-17 “blood and soil”
copyright 2017
Jane Robinette

This is one of the poems I wrote last week for my online poetry MOOC. I wrote a good bit of it before the assignment came out because I needed to do it for myself. To fit the assignment, I had to revise and add. This is the result. Not sure it’s done, but it’s what I submitted.

I know, it’s an image. Not very helpful. If you click on the image on this page, it will take you to the full-sized image, which is still kind of small. While pressing and holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard, also click the “+” key and it will zoom in a little more each time you click.

may 25

05-25-15 "healing"
05-25-15 “healing”

10.5×9.75″ acrylic on matboard

This is a little more than a “daily” jane—I worked on it over a few days because of the layers. It’s a vision (and activity) of healing that I have been working toward based on an image (and activity) given to me by a good friend after a Reiki healing treatment. My hope is that visualization will become reality!