february 24, 2017

02-24-16 "deep blue"
02-24-16 “deep blue”

digital photo

While out walking on Tuesday, one of those wonderful, warm, deep-blue-sky days, I took a few pictures of the beautiful, big tree in front of the local elementary school. Looking out the window now, you would never suspect such a day. Now just snowing and blowing—more like February in Iowa! You don’t see much of the magnificence of the tree in this cropped photo, but just enough to cradle the sky.

february 17, 2017

02-17-17 "knit shadows"
02-17-17 “knit shadows”

digital photo

The knitted “curtain” in the front door sidelight cast some intriguing shadows on the wall today with help from the morning sun. The camera had a little trouble focusing, but I like this one of the knitting interrupted by a railing upright.

february 10, 2017

02-10-17 "stone cold snow"
02-10-17 “stone cold snow”

digital photo

This was the view out my studio window a couple of days ago after a little bit of snow—although this winter we have had so little snow you could call it a major winter storm. Today, the snow is almost all gone. Anyway, I like the grid the snow on the stone wall creates. This is only a small cropped part of it, but you can see a fuller view here.

february 3, 2017

02-03-17 "2+2=5"
02-03-17 “2+2=5”

14×25″ acrylic, pen on watercolor paper

Well, this is not a daily jane. It’s been hanging around for months in various stages, and resting for a few weeks. But I’m calling it done. What to name it is now the question. At first I thought the title would be “1984 / 2016,” but then I added some other writing and thought maybe it would be “2+2=5.” I actually haven’t decided for sure on the title.

Hmm, I guess I could call it the Bowling Green Massacre….