october 13, 2017

10-13-17 "buffalo stand"
10-13-17 “buffalo stand”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic, marker on artist’s trading card

A little leftover scrape, a little marker doodling. I see a bull or a bison (or a bison bull?) standing, but maybe that’s just my reaction to the political talk of the day.

october 6, 2017

10-6-17 "waltzes not walls"
10-6-17 “waltzes not walls”

8″x8″ acrylic on paper

The title of this painting is from one of the hashtags for an arts-based celebration (Minuet MANY Unity Celebration) scheduled for tomorrow in opposition to the Iowa Minutemen (militia) meeting here this weekend. Does the painting have anything to do with it? Not really, but it’s on my mind, so it’s what came to me as I was considering a title. Hoping for the rain to stop so the youth orchestra can play on the capitol grounds! #MinuetsNotMilitias #WaltzesNotWalls

october 5, 2017

10-05-17 "lines of communication"
10-05-17 “lines of communication”

acrylic on matboard

This is a scrape over scrape—not so much “less is more,” but the layers add some interest, perhaps. The scraper I used had a wacky edge, which created the lines, which led to the title.

october 4, 2017

10-04-17 "facing the other"
10-04-17 “facing the other”

acrylic on paper

I bought a new hot press watercolor block which is perfect for these colorful scrape paintings. Less is more. This will probably contain a poem at some point. For now, enjoy the colors (which seem a little more saturated in real life) and forms.

october 3, 2017

10-03-17  "falling"
10-03-17 “falling”

acrylic, marker on Bristol ATC 3.5×2.5″

I did a little “leftover” scrape of paint on this and embellished with a few markers while listening to “All Things Considered” yesterday. Another mass shooting, another day of ridiculousness in Congress, another death of a musical icon of my earlier life. Falling.