september 30, 2017

09-30-17 "missiles of death"
09-30-17 “missiles of death”

digital photo

The coneflowers are spent from lack of water and end of season decline. The birds will still enjoy these seeds (I think), but they look pretty charred. I’m sure the death beetles contributed as well. These always look like missiles to me up close.

august 11, 2017

08-11-17 "unfurled rose"
08-11-17 “unfurled rose”

digital photo

And now here is the unfurled Rose of Sharon in all her beauty. I decided to crop it a little and zoom in for a more interesting (to me) view of it. I flicked a few beetles off of the shrub recently, but they have done their damage and will likely continue. At least blooms are still surviving.

august 10, 2017

08-10-17 "rosebud 3"
08-10-17 “rosebud 3”

digital photo

And the third photo of the Rose of Sharon. I can’t tell if the Japanese beetles have made this flower fold in upon itself and it won’t open, or if this is the stage before it opens, or if this is the stage after it’s been open (although I don’t think so, because it’s just starting to bloom…). In any case, still lots of beauty in form and color and line.

august 9, 2017

08-09-17 "rosebud 2"
08-09-17 “rosebud 2”

digital photo

Here is the second picture of a rosebud, in a later stage, from our Rose of Sharon bush. Such a sweet little rose shape. The death bugs (Japanese beetles) are trying to ruin this, too, but hopefully it can make it through.

august 8, 2017

08-08-17 "rosebud 1"
08-08-17 “rosebud 1”

digital photo

Today I took three photos of flowers on our Rose of Sharon shrub in front—all in different stages of life. Here is the first. The other two will follow later in the week.

july 17, 2017

07-17-17 "barks"
07-17-17 “barks”

digital photo

I don’t know if these pieces of shedding bark are related to the death bugs, but I found several of them along my walk where the lacy dead leaves were. I like the shapes, and the patterns on the face, and the possibilities for future artwork. I might have to bring a little bag with me on my next walk!

july 14, 2017

07-14-17 "three leaves"
07-14-17 “three leaves”

digital photo

On my walk earlier this week, I saw these leaves all over the place but I told myself I would stop back later in the day to pick them up. To no one’s surprise, given the heat this week (and my spotty memory) I never returned to get them. So, on this morning’s walk, I stopped and collected them (and some other natural things) for photographing and possibly working into collages some day. Here is the first of what will probably be a mini-series. I’m sad for the leaves (and the trees from which they fell), but they look kinda cool this way.