december 31

12-31-15 "mystery eve"
12-31-15 “mystery eve” —SOLD—

6×6″ acrylic on paper

I scraped and brushed this acrylic painting in a circular pattern. The result wasn’t what I had in my mind’s eye, but in the end it turned out okay.

And so, this is the 365th daily jane, the last of the daily janes for 2015, fulfilling my commitment to a year of daily artwork. In 2016, I hope to post new work (“dailies” and others) here on a regular basis, but I’m letting go of what I’ve called the tyranny of the daily janes (for now)! 😉

Thank you all for coming along for the ride, especially my devoted subscribers who often sent me comments in response to the weekly emails. I appreciate the feedback! And, sometime in 2016, I plan to have an exhibit and sale of these daily janes. I don’t know where and I don’t know when. It may just be a pop-up sale at my house in the spring. So, stay tuned. And if you’re interested in the sale when it happens, let me know (or subscribe to this blog and you can find out that way).

And finally…happy new year!!! I hope 2016 is a good year for all!

december 30

12-30-15 "the way up"
12-30-15 “the way up”

9.5×7″ acrylic on silk

The last of the silkies this year. I really enjoyed these scrapes on pieces of silk. I only discarded one of them (it just got too overworked and overwrought, trying to force it to be something else). But I like this one’s clean simplicity and colors, and the way the colors surprised me in their mixing and non-mixing.

december 29

12-29-15 "armless hugger"
12-29-15 “armless hugger”

8×6″ acrylic, marker on paper

This piece includes a little paint scraping, some marker lines, a little brushing, a little dabbing. This multi-armed, armless hugger is not carrying anything but love.

december 28

12-28-15 "wired for sound"
12-28-15 “wired for sound”

digital photo, edited

This is a close-up of some computer innards that Matt gave me and that I then dismantled and rearranged. Several photos showed more “stuff” in them, but I preferred the relative simplicity of this one. The original colors were not my favorites, so I played around with hue and saturation in GIMP (my current photo-editing software) to arrive here.

december 27

12-27-15 "party puppy"
12-27-15 “party puppy”

6×8″ acrylic, marker on paper

This began as an interesting scraped painting that I liked at first but it grew away from me. I added some marker lines and it started to become puppy-like, but a really bulged-out version of a very small puppy, probably wearing some sort of costume. Yes, really. So, I added some background color/texture with marker and diluted paint. And here is party puppy. And, no, I don’t understand.

december 26

12-26-15 "post-solstice doodle"
12-26-15 “post-solstice doodle”

4×4″ acrylic, marker on paper

I scraped a little paint onto this piece of paper. After it dried, I added some marker doodles around the edges. I thought about adding more color within the doodle circles, but wasn’t sure I would like the result. So I stopped. Those are three words you do not always hear in my art studio! 😉

december 25

12-25-15 "merry christmas"
12-25-15 “merry christmas”

6×6″ acrylic, blockprint on paper

Again, this started with a scraped painting. I added a little blockprint of the smaller circles. It started to resemble, in a very abstract way, a christmas tree (I think it was decorated by little people). I added a little bit of paint straight out of the paint tube over the “tree” area. Then I heavily diluted some blue-violet and blue for the background washes.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the holidays. One more week of 2015 dailies!

december 24

12-24-15 "let it snow"
12-24-15 “let it snow”

7.5×10″ acrylic, blockprint on silk

I scraped the paint onto the silk, then went over that with a blockprint of the circles in white. It reminds me of snow and the holidays. It sounds like a white christmas, only recently out of the question, may be possible now.  Maybe.  In the meantime, there’s this.  Happy Christmas Eve!

december 23

12-23-15 "green waterfall"
12-23-15 “green waterfall”

11×11″ acrylic on silk

Another scraped acrylic on silk. They’re slightly more beautiful when the paint is still wet on the silk. Once I have dabbed the paint here and there, with an idea of what I want to happen, it’s most exciting to pull down the paint with the scraping tool and reveal what really happens. It’s not always a wonderful surprise, but in this case I was happy.

december 22

12-22-15 "love you"
12-22-15 “love you” —SOLD—

11×7″ acrylic, collage on matboard

I started this one by scraping acrylic on matboard. I had the waxpaper/crayon hearts out from a previous daily (the hearts are left over from a Valentine’s Day project a few years ago with my niece). I just liked the colors together, frankly, so I collaged them onto the painting. I see some figures in the paint and the hearts make it a little (too) sweet, but I like it anyway.