september 15, 2017

09-15-17 "red night vision"
09-15-17 “red night vision”

magnetic word play

I spent some time playing with magnetic poetry tiles this week. I found them somewhere amid the slap-together-studio piles of things that I’m still discovering more than a year after our move. And, as luck would have it, today I also found the perfect sized frame and glass that I needed for a painting that’s been underway for a few months (but that will have to wait for its debut).

This is the magnetic word play daily jane “red night vision,” which also happens to be the title of the painting mentioned above.

may 24, 2017

acrylic, ink, original poems on matboard (various sizes)

Okay, this is cheating a little. This week I took three previous daily janes from past years and lettered poems onto them to post here. Soon these three are likely going to the Octagon Center for the Arts gallery shop in Ames.

april 28, 2016

04-28-16 "Iowa hills"
04-28-16 “Iowa hills”

8×5.5″ acrylic, collage on matboard

I’m still catching up from the daily janes sale last weekend, but in doing some organizing/de-cluttering of my office/studio I found an old “Iowa hills” poem painting that I had de-framed some years ago. I didn’t really like it any more. I had a newer scrape painting that was intended for the “Iowa hills” poem. I decided to create a collage of the old painting’s poetry lines on the newer painting. I thought it might create a more multi-dimensional feel. This is the result.

february 6

02-06-15 "iowa hills" copyright 2015 Jane Robinette | All Rights Reserved
02-06-15 “iowa hills” —SOLD—

3.5″x2.5″ mixed media

I painted acrylic over a piece of Iowa map paper and adhered it to a piece of 2-ply rag matboard (ATC size). Instead of hand-lettering my poem Iowa hills over the paint as I usually do, I decided to tediously search for the words in two old law books from 1881 and 1907 (given to me by artist Margaret Whiting, who has done some really cool artworks using old law books!). Some of the words I had to construct from letters in other words; for some reason the word “beautiful” (and a few others) didn’t make it into any easily findable printed opinion in these two books! Once I had all of the words, I adhered them onto the piece, then brushed some transparent acrylic paint over the words. I took the photo before I went over everything with gloss medium.

The poem is a golden oldie—I wrote it in 1978 and it was my first published poem. I’ve put it in several artworks more recently, but I don’t think any of them have been quite this small!