october 14, 2016

10-14-16 "red cabbage pattern"
10-14-16 “red cabbage pattern”

digital photo

This is a close-up of a beautiful red cabbage we bought last week from Grinnell Heritage Farm at the downtown farmer’s market. After Matt cut into it he called me over to see the beauty. I grabbed my phone and took a photo.

Hope this is posted in time for the weekly newsletter!

october 4, 2016

10-04-16 "heal"
10-04-16 “heal”

2.5×3.5″ marker on cardstock

When I was a resident artist at a cancer infusion center (offering art activities to patients while they were getting chemo), one of the things I would do is invite patients to make “survivor power cards”—one for themselves and one to leave for another (unknown) patient. That’s what this card hearkens back to for me, in its process, inspiration, and intention. It is a plea, a direction, a hope, an energy, a deep desire.

october 3, 2016

10-03-16 "cosmos in a cup"
10-03-16 “cosmos in a cup”

3.5×2.5″ marker on cardstock

Another hospital doodle. I was going to leave it sort of mandala-like, but it needed something more, so I continued to doodle the lines around the mandala. Cosmos in a cup is the title that just popped into my head just now.