january 21

01-21-15 "hide and seek"
01-21-15 “hide and seek”

The “paper” this time is a piece of APT yellow silk or silk-wannabe (10″x10″). The first pass of acrylic paint I liked, but it wasn’t quite enough. The second pass, adding the magenta, was a disaster and I thought I had “ruined” it. So I quickly did a third pass adding more cerulean blue and Indian yellow. Amazingly enough that seemed to redeem it for me.

The little blob in the lower right happened on the first pass. I had put a piece of matboard underneath the material to catch the ghost images again. My scraper slipped right off the edge of the smaller matboard and created the lovely little blob. I considered cropping it out of the photo—and I have that version as well. But the little blob is growing on me, too.

This is sometimes how it goes in the studio. Did I settle? I hope not, but I’m not really sure. I am moving on. And sometimes that’s just what I need to do.