june 23

06-23-15 "money talks"
06-23-15 “money talks”

7×8″ (approx.) fabric, thread, shredded currency

The title and general idea of this one have been on my to-do list for awhile. Last week, I had to trim and re-hem some pants, so retrieved my 30+-year-old, faded plastic, Singer sewing machine from the closet shelf. I know I should have the machine cleaned and oiled, but I so rarely use it these days. I made do with its cranky parts to bind the raw edge of the hem (but then finished the actual hemming with hand-sewing).

Anyway, I have been wanting to do something in other media again, so took advantage of the availability of the sewing machine to do a little different kind of piece. What else should I do while the machine is handy?