june 10

06-10-15 "stormy sunset"
06-10-15 “stormy sunset”

3.25×5″ acrylic on paper

This began as a scrape of paint colors, but then I used a brush to paint over that to the extent that you can only see teeny bits of the original peeking through. Although I didn’t intend it in the beginning, it started to look landscape-y (in an abstract way, of course), so I went with that impulse. I might use this as a study for a larger piece someday.

june 9

06-09-15 "flourish"
06-09-15 “flourish”

8.5×7.5″ acrylic on matboard

Layers of paint scraping on this one. I like some of the cool textural, color flow areas. Other parts are just okay. The new “flourish” is the orange/red/blue on the left side (and a little on the right).

june 8

06-08-15 "getting warm"
06-08-15 “getting warm”

6.5×5.5″ acrylic, collage on matboard

I scraped transparent acrylic on matboard, then collaged a couple of magazine images on top. This is not for sale because of the images, but if you’re enamored of this tell me why you must have it and I might just give it to you.

june 7

06-07-15 "tinged coneflower"
06-07-15 “tinged coneflower”

digital photo

Back into the front yard, where deer (ahem!) ate several buds on our coneflowers. This has happened in the past, but not lately. I guess we’ve been lucky the past few years. But several buds remain, and here is one working toward the day it’s ready to unfurl. I really love these flowers.

june 6

06-06-15 "with the fishies"
06-06-15 “with the fishies”

5.75×9″ acrylic on matboard

Scraped paint. This started out looking SO different. I couldn’t stop myself from trying to fix the original, then I hated it. Tried again, still didn’t like it. Tried yet again, and found it a little more interesting. I regret some of what I did because it covered up some really nice colorplay. But, there’s always tomorrow! And the next piece.

june 5

06-05-15 "shaman"
06-05-15 “shaman”

7.5×5.5″ acrylic on matboard

This is a single scrape painting. This is how I prefer it, but it doesn’t always turn out, so I keep scraping over…which sometimes improves it in my eyes, but sometimes just muddies the water (or rather, paint).

I was working on some other scrapes and re-scrapes today and discovered (re-discovered) that painting while distractedly pondering other issues in life is not a helpful exercise! Thinking is okay, listening to music is the best. But not paying attention and not being present are deadly to my art-making. So…I am going to finish the household/life details I need to get done before returning to the art table later today.

june 4

06-04-15 "opening"
06-04-15 “opening”

5×3.5″ acrylic, ink

I combined a block print with brush work but even that seemed too plain. So I went in with some ink pen doodlings to make it a little more interesting (to me, anyway).

june 3

06-03-15 "huddle"
06-03-15 “huddle”

8×9.5″ acrylic on matboard

I scraped paint on this piece of matboard, then filled in the background color using a brush, then scraped over it again. The resulting image again reminds me of a gathering of people. Maybe it’s a huddle, maybe it’s a circle dance, maybe it’s a group hug.

june 1

06-01-15 "tick tick tick"
06-01-15 “tick tick tick”

9×7″ acrylic on matboard

This is a combination of scraped paint, brushed paint, block-printed paint, and pressed paint. Never a dull moment. This isn’t exactly what I would like it to be (is it ever?), but this is what it is today.