june 20

06-20-15 "insect yoga"
06-20-15 “insect yoga”

4×3.5″ collage

I took a small piece of matboard (left over from a framing project) and collaged several pieces of repurposed silk sari on it. Then I took one of my many pieces of saved dried acrylic paint (dried on a palette) and collaged it on top. The dried acrylic shape reminded me of a yoga or meditation position, but it also just looked like a bug to me. So…insect yoga.

june 19

06-19-15 "stretching toward hope"
06-19-15 “stretching toward hope”

digital photo, filtered

I took another photo of a nascent flower and used a filter on it, this time “chrome.” The filter highlights and intensifies the feeling of a beginning expansion outward.

june 18

06-18-15 "stripes"
06-18-15 “stripes”

10.5×6.5″ acrylic, ink on matboard

I took a previously scraped poem-painting that was living in a stack of unframed paintings in a bin. I scraped more paint over it, then added some ink lines, both to cover up some words peeking through and also to add some visual interest.

june 17

06-17-15 "glowing coneflower"
06-17-15 “glowing coneflower”

digital photo, filtered

This is a photo of another coneflower center (one that escaped a deer’s mouth!). Instead of presenting it to you in its greenishness, I used a glowing edges filter to change it up visually.

june 16

06-16-15 "psychadelic"
06-16-15 “psychadelic”

8×10″ acrylic on matboard

This is an example of layered on scrapes of acrylic paint, along with some brushed transparent/translucent acrylic paint in the background. A color lover’s delight!

june 15

06-15-15 "No Secrets Allowed"
06-15-15 “No Secrets Allowed”

11.5×8″ mixed media assemblage

Well, not exactly a daily work, but a follow-up from a previous month when I posted a couple of detail views of this piece. This is currently on display in the Iowa Exhibited XXX show at the Polk County Heritage Gallery (along with one of my paintings and many works by other Iowa artists). This assemblage uses parts from computer diskettes, some telephone wire, gesso and paint, and a gessobord.

june 14

06-14-15 "building up"
06-14-15 “building up”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic

A block print over a rainbow-ish (not exactly) color pattern. I had to accentuate the printed shape with some added brushed acrylic paint because the block slid a bit and diluted the paint when I printed it.

june 13

06-13-15 "even closer"
06-13-15 “even closer”

digital photo

I know, I know. I just posted a close-up of a daisy late last month. But for this (new) photo I got even closer and focused on the center of the flower even more (because I find all of the forms and textures in the center endlessly fascinating). That counts, right?

june 12

06-12-15 "captured"
06-12-15 “captured” —SOLD—

2-7/8″x5″ acrylic, wool yarn

This has a couple of block prints overlaid each other, then some brushed acrylic, then some pieces of wool yarn collaged onto it.

june 11

06-11-15 "oh no"
06-11-15 “oh no”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic and ink

A combination of scraped and brushed, I saw little face/figure forms after the first scrape. After some brushing (or was it before?), I used ink to enhance the face forms I saw. The one in the middle most clearly has a face that I added; the others I drew face marks in colors that either don’t show up or that I drew over because I didn’t like. Not really Mr. Bill-esque (for those old-timer SNL fans out there), but the phrase that Mr. Bill is known for came to me (for the title) as I looked at it.