august 9

08-09-15 "money bloviates"
08-09-15 “money bloviates”

3.5×5″ strips of currency, acrylic paint

Strips of currency (from the US Mint) are collaged in a tangle onto this paper. I was going to then paint a color in the background and into the money, but once I started with the paint I didn’t think I would like so much of it. So I decided to splatter it on instead. The election debate news cycle played into the color choice, but I didn’t set out to create something tied to it; it just sort of morphed into that. I went through a LOT of other titles for this piece after it was done—some of the potential titles were just too “cute” to use—before settling on a slightly larger theme. I’ll share a few of the rejected titles with you if you ask.

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  1. Looks like it’s seen through a microscope. Something with a life of its own but in relation/dependent on its host.

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