september 12

09-12-15 "upside down?"
09-12-15 “upside down?”

5×8″ acrylic on sketchbook paper

This began with a little leftover scraping paint. Then I used a palette knife to apply three different colors of green over that. I added some magenta to balance out the forms created by the original scrape, but it looked incomplete and lopsided. I added more and more magenta in the cracks and crevices and white spots and more. Then I accidentally got paint on my finger and the paint got on the side of the page (unconnected to the existing paint) and it looked very odd. I tried to lift up the paint but it didn’t work. So, I went all in with a magenta background, adding some transparent yellow to change it up a little. This is the orientation I painted it, and I like it, but something makes me wonder if it is really upside down. I looked at it both ways and was pulled both ways. In the end, I stuck with the original orientation, although I’m not totally convinced. What do you think?