october 4

10-04-15 "mistakes"
10-04-15 “mistakes” —SOLD—

8×5″ watercolor pencil, ink on sketchbook paper

This quote is so perfect (ha!), particularly for this little daily artwork. As I was starting to look at some late-season zinnias I had in a container on the table, getting ready to draw them, I said to Matt, “I hate drawing real things!” Then I laughed because I knew what the quote was that would go with the drawing.

When I draw something I am looking at I get way too hung up on perfectionism and it never adequately represents what I want it to (i.e. it’s never perfect). Perfectionism bleeds into other areas of life as well. I’ve been able to loosen its grip in some respects, but it’s still a struggle.

Anyway, I sketched the zinnias with a pencil that had no eraser (on purpose), then went in with wet watercolor pencils. I further tinted a couple of the zinnias with pen. Then added the quote with ink marker.

Artist Priscilla Steele, the speaker, is a marvelous draftsperson and printmaker in Marion.