november 20

11-20-15 "united upon arrival"
11-20-15 “united upon arrival”

8.5×5.5″ acrylic, collage on paper

I scraped, brushed, and printed with acrylic. (I think my “printing” tool used to be the inside circular plastic piece from a Scotch tape dispenser.) And I collaged on top of that the words from a baggage claim ticket that my spouse gave me (thanks, Matt!).

november 19

11-19-15 "rising"
11-19-15 “rising”

5.5×8.5″ acrylic on paper

This is another piece that at one point seemed destined for the scrap pile. It consists of scraped, palette-knifed, brushed, and blockprinted acrylic. At the point when I was about ready to throw in the towel, I took some transparent quinacridone magenta and scraped it over the whole thing. When in doubt, grab the magenta; that seems to be my motto! And…I do like it better!

november 18

11-18-15 "ghostly pillars"
11-18-15 “ghostly pillars”

8×7.5″ acrylic on matboard

Another crazy process. This is probably not ready for prime time, but here it is anyway! This was done in many layers—mostly scraped acrylic, but some brushing and a little bit of block-printing, too.

I was trying to decide between the title “ghostly pillars” and “spirit pillars.” I went with the one that first came into my mind. But you know how when you say a word over and over and then you start to doubt if it’s really a word or is spelled the way you have it? That happened to me with “pillars”! So funny.

november 17

11-17-15 "art child"
11-17-15 “art child”

8×6″ acrylic, marker

I embraced my inner art child today and just had fun painting whatever came to mind. This is mostly brushed acrylic over a scraped transparent sienna background, with some little (mostly obscured now under the blue) circles made with marker and a stencil.

november 16

11-16-15 "peace cranes"
11-16-15 “peace cranes” —SOLD—

approx. 3×4″ origami paper, folded

I have been folding origami peace cranes for decades, off and on. This piece consists of three origami cranes. I “cheated” by stapling the three together for this design. Peace.

november 15

11-15-15 "insect hieroglyphics"
11-15-15 “insect hieroglyphics”

digital photo

I took lots of photos of these insect channels in a tree that fell during the big windstorms this past week. I’m not even sure this is my favorite, but I’ve picked it for today. You may see more of these in the days ahead! The designs look so cool, but they also tell the tale of why the tree didn’t survive upright.

november 14

11-14-15 "paris...and beirut and kabul and baghdad and syria and...."
11-14-15 “paris…and beirut and kabul and baghdad and syria and….”

6×6″ acrylic on paper (and digitally manipulated)

I painted (scraped and a little brushed) this heart with French flag colors, but I really want it to represent my feeling for all of the victims of terrorism, both state and non-state sponsored. The photo I took muted the white color, so I used the “fill” tool to brighten it and it spread it interestingly in the middle and the background, too—with some areas of the original light gray. I liked the effect, so kept it.


november 13

11-13-15 "soil not oil"
11-13-15 “soil not oil”

digital photo

This is a photo I took at the Bakken Pipeline public comment hearing. The jars contain (on the left) oil and (on the right) Iowa soil. The speaker, Melanie Stall from Huxley, Iowa, made the point that oil doesn’t mix with agricultural soil. I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t doodle or draw during the hearing at all, just listened and kept track of the speakers. So I asked Melanie if I could take a photo of the jars and explained what I was doing. We positioned the jars on a (harder every minute) metal folding chair. I have a couple of detail views I considered using for the daily jane, but decided the two jars together told more of the story. And see my February daily jane about oil and water—although I wasn’t as explicit about the specific subject, the piece was inspired by the Bakken pipeline plans and filing my written objection with the Iowa Utilities Board in February.

november 12

11-12-15 "pushback"
11-12-15 “pushback” —SOLD—

6×6″ acrylic, ink

I scraped and blockprinted acrylic on this piece of watercolor paper, then added some circles with ink. I scheduled this post on Wednesday because I will be at the Bakken Pipeline public comment hearing today (which is tomorrow as I’m writing this). I hope to take a photo or do a doodle while I’m waiting for my speaking turn to come up that I could then upload for the daily jane…but thought I’d get this scheduled in case technology fails me or I don’t have the time or opportunity!

november 11

11-11-15 "blue sky clouds"
11-11-15 “blue sky clouds”

digital photo

Today would have been my dad’s 88th birthday; he died more than 27 years ago. He studied weather while in the Army and would tell us what type of clouds we were seeing in the sky. I took this photo yesterday morning as I was heading out to the store. It doesn’t quite capture the cool factor of the clouds, but good enough. And no, I don’t know what type of clouds these are! I should have listened better, but I guess at that time I was more interested in what images I could see forming in the clouds rather than their technical names.