november 10

11-10-15 "people power"
11-10-15 “people power”

8×6″ acrylic on paper

I scraped, brushed, rolled, and block-printed acrylic on this piece of watercolor paper. I originally was looking at this upside down from how it’s presented here. When I turned it this way, at the bottom I saw a group of people gathered and marching.

november 9

11-09-15 "all happy and bright"
11-09-15 “all happy and bright”

6×8″ acrylic, collage

I’m not feeling “all happy and bright” at the moment. I just learned that one of the artists I interviewed in my women artists’ project died earlier this year and I didn’t know about it until now. Only 55 years old—my age, in fact. Much too soon.

But on to the daily jane business. This piece is scraped and brushed acrylic with some of that computer-generated paper collaged on top. I could have used the entire piece of paper with these words, but it read from the bottom up and I wanted them to read from the top down this time—and for the paper not to hide quite so much of the happy and bright colors.

november 7

11-07-15 "gourd 1"
11-07-15 “gourd 1”

digital photo

I was going to go outside this morning and take some photos to share this weekend, but I had just showered and thought better of going out in the brisk temperatures with wet hair. But, we bought some small gourds at the farmers market last weekend that were sitting out on the porch table. I took several close-up photos of these interesting gourds and this is one. (I zoomed in even closer on the computer, but didn’t use any filters.)

november 6

11-06-15 "which way?"
11-06-15 “which way?”

6×6″ marker, acrylic, collage

This is rather spare for me, but toning it down now and then never hurt anyone. I drew shapes and lines with marker and filled in with marker and acrylic. And collaged on a couple of pieces of old painting. And no, I cannot draw all of those shapes that perfectly; I used a stencil for many of them. The secret is out!

november 5

11-05-15 "Harry didn't even buy me a coca cola.  He is stingy as heck."
11-05-15 “Harry didn’t even buy me a coca cola. He is stingy as heck.”

8×6″ acrylic, collage

This began with the paper snippet of writing, part of a collage pack I bought from another artist. At first I thought the paper was just a way to suggest a diary or letter (I cut this from a larger piece)—I didn’t think the writing was legible. But as I looked closer, I could make out the sentence that forms the title for the piece, and it just cracked me up! So, after collaging it onto the page, I did some block printing and brushwork and toolwork with acrylic. And there you have it.

november 4

11-04-15 "happy robot"
11-04-15 “happy robot”

8.5×5.5″ acrylic, collage

This is a scraped painting on watercolor paper. I collaged on top of that some painted rectangles of paper here and there from an earlier painting. Then I brushed on some transparent yellow around the edges for a colorful background. I could do more to it, but not today!

november 3

11-03-15 "shapeshifter"
11-03-15 “shapeshifter”

9.5×7.5″ acrylic on matboard

Another scraped painting on matboard. The colors are slightly different in person (probably because I took the photo when it was still cloudy earlier). I did two separate scraping passes while the paint was still wet, and I like what happened.

november 2

11-02-15 "early light"
11-02-15 “early light”

9.5×7.5″ acrylic on matboard

This is a scraped painting. No added embellishments. No brushed on painted background. No words. Just acrylic paint scraped on matboard. I was content to just let this one be. (At least for now!)

november 1

11-01-15 "hard times comes a knocking at the door"
11-01-15 “hard times comes a knocking at the door”

8×6″ collage on paper

Now for something really different! This collage uses some things I have had for a few decades and some things I have had only for several years. Finally put to use! The paper with the words on it appears to be computer-generated long ago (I’m reading it from the bottom up). I obtained it in a package of collage materials I bought from another local artist, Peggy Johnston. The image of the rabbit I literally have had since I was in high school. And I have more little cut-out images like it. How can someone hold on to such things for so many years? I have no idea. Maybe I can use them all up in the next two months?!