december 3

12-03-15 "355th this year"
12-03-15 “355th this year”

6×8″ mixed media

I was thinking about this last night, trying to think of a way to express my outrage and grief. Again. And then I just felt tired. This is my unsatisfactory effort for today. I drew the lettering onto the page with pencil, then went over the lines with marker. I painted and splattered paint onto the translucent vellum, then glued on black construction paper lines. I affixed the vellum to the lettered paper.

I do not understand why one person’s “right” so outweighs others’ rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I do not understand why legislators cannot summon the will to do ANYTHING helpful and why they refuse to confront the fear-mongering and bluster. Enough is enough is enough is enough.