march 11, 2016

03-11-16 "snake oil"
03-11-16 “snake oil” —SOLD—

6×6″ acrylic on paper

Instead of rolling acrylic paint onto this print block, I scraped it on to make the imprints. These are three side-by-side images from the same block. I then scraped some transparent raw sienna directly onto the paper after the prints were dry.

Initially I was thinking of this more as a bundling of grasses, but I started thinking of the sienna as oil in the grasses, and then thought of the shapes as snake-like, and then thought of the term “snake oil,” and that relates to what the oil companies are trying to sell the Iowa public regarding the “benefits” of the diagonal pipeline through Iowa. With the Utilities Board decision from yesterday fresh in my mind…that’s how I arrived at the title.