may 31

05-31-15 "daisy"
05-31-15 “daisy”

digital photo

Daisies. Such happy little flowers. I think I got these from my sister Julie’s garden. They struggled to thrive for a few years, but now they’re taking over a front bed—in a good way. I was most intrigued by the center, but the petals demanded to be included, if only partially.

may 30

05-30-15 "climbing vines"
05-30-15 “climbing vines”

5×3″ acrylic on paper

This features some brayer marks and various block prints (all in acrylic), as well as a little brushed acrylic (the blue dots). It’s just a little print/paint doodle.

may 29

05-29-15 "goodlands"
05-29-15 “goodlands”

9×6.25″ painting collage

Here is a scraped painting on matboard and a scraped painting on paper.

Originally, I was looking at this upside down from how it is pictured here. I saw an animal shape in the paper, so I cut out that form and adhered it on top of the color on the matboard. When I was just about to post it, I saw it upside down and it immediately evoked for me a cool, colorful sort of badland-ish landscape at sunset (or sunrise). Torn between the two, I decided to go with the landscape. You can decide for yourself if I chose the way you would have!

may 28

05-28-15 "in a row"
05-28-15 “in a row”

3.5×5.25″ acrylic

Well that’s funny—a few days ago I was remarking that capital “H”s keep appearing in my daily work. I turned this one on its side only to see a whole line of what could be construed as Hs! So, not consciously intended, but….! This piece involved a used ink brayer, some scraping, and two different print blocks, all using acrylic paint.

This sort of reminds me of a bus, too—all the heads in the windows.

may 27

05-27-15 "step-by-step"
05-27-15 “step-by-step”

5.25×3.25″ mixed media

The underlying texture of paint is from a used ink brayer (using acrylic). I then collaged on the side strips of silk sari material (although it acts and feels a bit more like nylon than silk…). Then I carved a new narrow strip of block and printed with it on top in a transparent acrylic paint. And there you have it.

may 26

05-26-15 "pink peony"
05-26-15 “pink peony”

digital photo

I couldn’t resist another peony close-up. For someone who doesn’t love the peony plant, I sure seem to be posting a lot of peony images, right? This is the orphan pink peony we moved to the back garden, which struggles because of so much shade. This bloom opened up between rain showers, so good timing for the beautiful moments of a peony’s life.

may 25

05-25-15 "healing"
05-25-15 “healing”

10.5×9.75″ acrylic on matboard

This is a little more than a “daily” jane—I worked on it over a few days because of the layers. It’s a vision (and activity) of healing that I have been working toward based on an image (and activity) given to me by a good friend after a Reiki healing treatment. My hope is that visualization will become reality!

may 22

05-22-15 "turquoise alternative"
05-22-15 “turquoise alternative”

6.5×6.5″ acrylic on rag paper

The camera doesn’t quite capture the right hues (probably has something to do with the low light in the porch on this overcast afternoon). This is a scraped painting—possibly for a friend, if she finds it a good alternative to another one she was eyeing.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend.