june 30, 2016

06-30-16 "in the depths"
06-30-16 “in the depths”

6×6″ acrylic on paper

The end of June. The end of half a year. I’ve been decidedly less than daily this year, and although that was my intention, I thought I might do a little more than I’ve been able to do these first six months. So be it.

This painting consists of layers of brushwork. What does it all mean? I have no idea. This is playing with paint.

I make no promises about the level of output for the rest of 2016. But I do have some ideas rumbling around that will require more days than one to reveal. I hope to keep playing with paint and other media and posting the results/process right here, though.

Carry on!

june 27, 2016

06-27-16 "ladder to nowhere"
06-27-16 “ladder to nowhere”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic with blockprinting

This is another little Artist Trading Card. I used acrylic with an existing print block, an ink brayer, and a brush to create this. I thought the blockprint might stand out a little more, but at least in person, it’s rather subtle. I also resisted the always lurking impulse to add other colors and layers. This one is done for today.

june 16, 2016

06-16-16 "screened"
06-16-16 “screened”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic, marker

This is a delicate little scrape on a smooth Artist Trading Card, with gel marker lines drawn over the paint. The marker didn’t mark consistently over the different paint colors, and I kind of like the broken lines that resulted.

june 15, 2016

06-15-16 "ghostly descent"
06-15-16 “ghostly descent”

4×4″ acrylic

A little scrape over-painted with other acrylics, including making lines with the edge of the palette knife and the scraping the lines down. At first it reminded me of an octopus, but looking at it on the computer I saw more of a ghost (costume-y version), so instead of “octo-descent” it became “ghostly descent.”

june 14, 2016

06-14-16 "flag day"
06-14-16 “flag day”

4×4″ acrylic

This was a little scraped painting, but I brushed transparent (mostly) acrylic colors over the original paint. It’s “flag day” today. I’m not sure why that came to me as a title for this painting, but it did and it stuck.

june 8, 2016

06-08-16 "grid"
06-08-16 “grid”

6×6″ acrylic, marker

Getting started is sometimes a struggle. Not just “finding” the time to paint, but getting over the “I have to have an idea” thing before beginning to move paint around. So, I just started painting different colors with a vague idea of placing them randomly, and it seemed almost immediately to fall into somewhat of a grid. I thought of painting in the in-between areas (and eventually added some marker dots around the yellowish blobs), but ultimately decided I liked the white and couldn’t decide any other color that I thought I would like better.

june 2, 2016

06-02-16 "exclamation altar"
06-02-16 “exclamation altar”

10×8″ acrylic, marker on paper

This scraped painting might more accurately be called a smeared painting. After the initial smear around in a rectangular motion, I added more paint with brushwork, and then added embellishments with a variety of marker colors. This was completed on more than one day (in small doses), fit in around other duties and tasks!