july 17, 2017

07-17-17 "barks"
07-17-17 “barks”

digital photo

I don’t know if these pieces of shedding bark are related to the death bugs, but I found several of them along my walk where the lacy dead leaves were. I like the shapes, and the patterns on the face, and the possibilities for future artwork. I might have to bring a little bag with me on my next walk!

july 14, 2017

07-14-17 "three leaves"
07-14-17 “three leaves”

digital photo

On my walk earlier this week, I saw these leaves all over the place but I told myself I would stop back later in the day to pick them up. To no one’s surprise, given the heat this week (and my spotty memory) I never returned to get them. So, on this morning’s walk, I stopped and collected them (and some other natural things) for photographing and possibly working into collages some day. Here is the first of what will probably be a mini-series. I’m sad for the leaves (and the trees from which they fell), but they look kinda cool this way.

july 11, 2017

07-11-17 "pods"
07-11-17 “pods”

digital photo

Remember those milkweed flowers? Well, this is what they’ve become. Little pods that will grow bigger and dry out and become the plant that I remember as a child in the field out back. And I saw a monarch butterfly near this plant among the coneflowers that surround it. Hope that’s a good sign!

july 9, 2017

07-09-17 "so much is in bud"
07-09-17 “so much is in bud”

digital photo

This is a beautiful hosta bud cluster. The hope of beauty, life, color, tenderness, hardiness, all wrapped into flower buds. And so much is in bud. That’s the hope.