September 27, 2016

09-27-16 new growth
09-27-16 new growth

2.5×3.5″ marker on cardstock 

A little doodle for a day of sitting and waiting and listening to the rhythmic breathing of an exhausted sleeper—looking out the window to a beautiful sun-filled grassy space between buildings.

September 26

09/26/16 iv rack
09/26/16 iv rack

3.5×2.5″  marker on card stock

This is a little sketch of an empty IV stand (and part of the bed surround wall) in a hospital room.  I spent a lot of time recently in a variety of such rooms with an ailing family member.  It’s a kind of spare, shaky piece, but perhaps fits the subject matter.

september 16

09-16-16 "upheaval"
09-16-16 “upheaval”

4×4″ acrylic on paper

Whew! Finally back to a little art-making after moving! Moving creates a lot of discombobulation—both physical and mental (and emotional and spiritual, now that I think about it). Upheaval. So, I painted this. I don’t love it; you may not love it, either. But after several weeks of packing, moving, unpacking, settling, shifting, stacking, opening, closing, etc. etc. etc., at least I’m moving a brush with paint for a creative purpose again! I hope to do more and more.