april 30

04-30-15 "fenced in/out"
04-30-15 “fenced in/out”

6.75×6.75″ acrylic

This is all scraped acrylic paint, some of the scraping done with different tools. The images make me think of borders or fenced yards or gated communities—what and who (whom?) do we pen in? What and who do we keep out? What do we gain? What do we lose?

april 28

04-28-15 "infectious"
04-28-15 “infectious”

2.5×3.5″ acrylic, ink

A few days ago, I finally succumbed to the resilient germs around our house—giving me “the crud” (which I still have as my companion). This is what I imagine the germs look like, except maybe not the pretty colors.

april 27

04-27-15 "reaching the light"
04-27-15 “reaching the light”

7.5″x6″ acrylic scraped on matboard

The tiny-headed figure on the right, far away, is reaching for the light in the center. That’s what I see.

april 26

04-26-15 "the power"
04-26-15 “the power”

5.25×3.5″ acrylic, ink

Here is another small scraped acrylic piece with ink embellishments here and there. It’s on slightly larger and lighter paper than yesterday’s. For the initial scrape, I used colors that I don’t normally use—just to force myself to use some different hues. But then I went over that with 2 transparent colors I have used more recently. The final ink embellishments were added to some lighter areas. I could continue, but actually, I think a nap would do me more good!

april 25

04-25-15 "rainy spring day doodle"
04-25-15 “rainy spring day doodle”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic, ink

A little swipe of acrylic paint, lots of ink doodling, all on 2-ply ragboard the size of an Artist Trading Card. My rainy-day-darn-it-getting-a-cold doodle.

april 24

04-24-15 "no secrets allowed (detail 2)"
04-24-15 “no secrets allowed (detail 2)”


If you read yesterday’s post, you know I am working on a longer-term project for an exhibit. I am giving you another little peek today with this detail view of a new element just added. It seems I could not leave this neutral-hued piece alone…. I just had to include these little bits of color to placate my art soul.

april 23

04-23-15 "no secrets allowed (detail)"
04-23-15 “no secrets allowed (detail)”


For daily art today I worked on a piece-in-progress that I hope and plan to enter in an upcoming juried exhibit. This image is just a tiny detail of the whole. It’s a different sort of piece for me: very neutral colors, collaging unusual (for me) items onto a board. One thing remains the same—my questions about whether it’s complete or not! So, just a peek for now.

april 22

04-22-15 "earth day trio"
04-22-15 “earth day trio”

digital photo

I couldn’t resist another photo of spring beauties on this beautiful (and chilly and windy and sunny) Earth Day. So much loveliness. Thank your mother earth today and every day!

april 21

04-21-15 "sitting meditation"
04-21-15 “sitting meditation”

8×6″ acrylic on matboard

The texture on this matboard isn’t my favorite. But it gives it sort of a canvas-y look.

I have a little wooden sculpture of a weeping Buddha. The red center shape in this painting reminds me of it, although the figure I see is sitting a little more upright than my sculpture.

I used to practice meditation, and probably should start again. It’s a good thing to be able to relax. And clear one’s mind of errant thoughts. And focus on breathing.