november 30

11-30-15 "radio transmissions"
11-30-15 “radio transmissions”

8.5×5.5″ acrylic on paper

This went very wrong at one point, and I have tried to bring it back from the edge with some over-painting and printing.

Another month is at an end, and my one-year daily-jane commitment has one more month to go. It is difficult to believe in some ways, and it seems I have been doing this forever in other ways. Thirty-one more daily artworks. Stay tuned.

november 28

11-28-15 "the wire"
11-28-15 “the wire”

6×6″ (approx.)
thin copper wire, transparent polyester thread, on paper

This was fun to make, although a bit tedious when it came to getting the wire to sit right, and then trying to tie it down with very thin and independent-minded plastic thread. I took the photo of it during a rare bit of sun coming in the window to create the shadows.

november 26

11-26-15 "blanket"
11-26-15 “blanket”

8×6″ collage on paper

I arranged some cut-up postcard and bookmark slivers into this pattern and collaged them onto the paper. The colors and forms remind me of a woven blanket—a blanket of warmth and gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day.

november 25

11-25-15 "peeking"
11-25-15 “peeking”

9.5×7.5″ acrylic (and marker) on matboard

I took an old scraped poem-painting (someone else’s poem, for a commission) that was languishing in my “seconds” box and scraped new paint over the whole thing. I also “printed” some acrylic by pressing the scraping-tool leftover paint onto the matboard (it’s the magenta form that looks like half a leaf in the lower right). Some words are still peeking through, but not very well or legibly. Just adds to the mystery!

november 24

11-24-15 "snow piercer"
11-24-15 “snow piercer”

8×6″ acrylic, collage on paper

After scraping some acrylic paint, I collaged a piece of white paper vertically and then added some transparent zinc white paint blobs to the right of that. And then decided to stop while I was ahead!

november 23

11-23-15 "blobby"
11-23-15 “blobby”

6×6″ acrylic on paper

Another free-form, no-idea painting exercise. I was tempted to add other colors, but decided two tones of each of the three colors were sufficient.

november 22

11-22-15 "paths up the wood mountain"
11-22-15 “paths up the wood mountain”

digital photo

Here is another photo from the backyard woods last weekend. The insect paths are grooved into the entire now-fallen tree, including up and around this gnarl. I thought it looked kinda cool. Groovy. Gnarly.

november 21

11-21-15 "sunny lichen"
11-21-15 “sunny lichen”

digital photo

I took this photo during a backyard woods photo shoot last weekend. Lots of cool looking lichen on the fallen, rotting trees out there, especially when you get up close.