may 24, 2017

acrylic, ink, original poems on matboard (various sizes)

Okay, this is cheating a little. This week I took three previous daily janes from past years and lettered poems onto them to post here. Soon these three are likely going to the Octagon Center for the Arts gallery shop in Ames.

may 19, 2017

05-19-17 "opening"
05-19-17 “opening”

digital photo

I took this photo of a not-quite-open peony before the wind and hail and rain storms of the past few days. It’s nice to see a peony looking so fresh and new again.

may 4, 2017

05-04-17 "resistant persistent"
05-04-17 “resistant persistent”

8×6″ acrylic, marker on paper

A shape like each of these appeared in my mind last weekend, so here is a first attempt to get it on paper. It’s not quite right (not exactly the shape I saw), but I enjoyed the process of painting it anyway (for the most part).

They remind me of “wildflowers” or what some call weeds. Resistant. Persistent. They find a way to live in the harshest of environments. And thrive. And spread. Yep.