june 28, 2017

06-28-17 "stone henge burst"
06-28-17 “stone henge burst”

acrylic on paper

I am playing with some soft print blocks and the “burst” part is an image from one of those I cut yesterday. The rest are applied with a palette knife. Then I did some background painting with transparent paint.

I am using the print blocks in a larger painting that is ongoing, but as I print sample images I thought, it’s a daily jane!

june 26, 2017

06-26-17 "victoria"
06-26-17 “victoria”

digital photo

I have planted this annual (Victoria Blue Salvia) for years and years at our old house, so I’m continuing the tradition here. For a long time I didn’t think these were going to thrive in our heavy clay here. But now they are looking much better and have adapted, apparently. Can’t wait until these buds are in full bloom and rich color!

june 22, 2017

06-22-17 "bugsy"
06-22-17 “bugsy”

digital photo

Although the 7-day nature photo challenge is over, I continue to take backyard flower and plant photos. This time an insect photo-bombed a coneflower. I am not really a bug-lover, but look at those antennae—they’re like antlers! Gotta love that. In my brief search I didn’t find out what type of beetle this is, but it’s very interesting!