march 30, 2017

03-30-17 "NO DAPL"
03-30-17 “NO DAPL”

14×22″ mixed media on paper (acrylic, map, marker, currency strips)

This has been a long time coming—just couldn’t get going on it or figure out what to do with it for months. I’m still not sure I like it, but as with the daily janes, I’m calling it for now. I drew the route of the Bakken pipeline through Iowa onto a state road map. Originally I thought I would keep the map of the contiguous counties intact, but it made for an awfully large piece and seemed to just be a map of the pipeline route. Then I had the idea to cut each county out, and to place them in such a way that the pipeline lines sort of formed N-O. I collaged those onto an already painted paper. I highlighted the route a little more, then collaged some currency strips onto the blue and painted those.

march 23, 2017

03-23-17 "is it sunrise or sunset?"
03-23-17 “is it sunrise or sunset?”

2.5×3.5″ gel markers on bristol artist trading card

A little doodling without a plan turned into this. Scribbling is good for the soul. Seriously, try it.

march 10, 2017

03-10-17 "distress"
03-10-17 “distress”

2.5″x3.5″ currency strips, marker on artist trading card

This was a short little project that turned out to be slightly more tedious than I thought it would be. After collaging the currency strips onto the card, I colored them with red marker. Then I colored in the blue area with marker. I first lettered the “stars” (look closer) with the image right-side-up. Upon further reflection (like, immediately upon finishing the writing), I thought it made more sense to have the image upside down and the star-lettering able to be read that way as well. So, I had to color over and re-do the stars.

Upside down. A symbol of distress.