july 31

07-31-15 "big dandy iridescent"
07-31-15 “big dandy iridescent”

digital photo

We saw these flowers in Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton (where I took this photo). They look like huge dandelion seedheads, but I couldn’t find out what they really are. It may be difficult to tell in this close-up, but if any of you know what this is, comment below or email me!

july 27

07-27-15 "mud bubbles gray"
07-27-15 “mud bubbles gray”

digital photo

Yellowstone National Park is a strange place—or rather, it’s a place with many strange features—or, maybe both! This is a bubbling mudpot that sometimes shot mud several feet into the air (be careful out there!). It’s so mono-colored neutral, but makes up for it in activity.

july 25

07-25-15 "rock face multi"
07-25-15 “rock face multi”

digital photo

In our hikes out west this summer we saw lots of beautiful rock. After I took this photo I immediately saw the face in it, so wanted to share it in my color series even though it doesn’t really represent just one color. (Taken on the Redrock Falls trail, Glacier National Park, Montana.)

july 24

07-24-15 "cow parsnip white"
07-24-15 “cow parsnip white”

digital photo

What you see in this photo is a close-up of just one cluster of smaller flowers on one ray (of 27) on a plant with an umbel of white flowers. (I am trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about!) I am not completely sure, because several wildflowers have similar traits, but I think this is a Cow Parsnip (although it really looks like the flower in this photo that someone is calling “wild carrot“—same thing?). This close-up reminds me of a classic wedding bouquet. We saw it on our hike to Grinnell Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.