july 21

7-21-15 "rose red"
7-21-15 “rose red”

digital photo

This is a tea rose bud, courtesy of a plant given long ago by my cousin Melissa. It is still blooming despite our less-than-doting care of it!

july 19

07-19-15 "wild phlox violet"
07-19-15 “wild phlox violet”

digital photo

One of my mom’s favorites, Wild Phlox or Wild Sweet William. They have a wonderful blue-purple color and a nice scent. And they perk up the yard and woods at just the right time in spring.

july 16

07-16-15 "raspberry leaf yellow-green"
07-16-15 “raspberry leaf yellow-green”

digital photo

We love to see the emergence of the bright green raspberry leaves each spring. This photo comes after the posts of raspberries and raspberry sauce earlier this month, but this color post here breaks up the pinks and purples a little.

july 14

07-14-15 "lilac lilac"
07-14-15 “lilac lilac”

digital photo

Our lilac bushes have seen better days. Pruning is well overdue. But the blooms this spring were abundant and persistent, and such lovely orchid-to-lilac-to-lavendar colors.

july 13

07-13-15 "dandelion yellow"
07-13-15 “dandelion yellow”

digital photo

Ah, the much reviled dandelion. I have to admit, we dig and pull these out when we see them in flower beds (and the yard…sometimes). But I hear they’re good for our pollinators. And they’re such a happy color when they’re yellow. So, we try to live and let live as much as our neighbors will accept.