july 11

07-11-15 "daffodil creamy white drops"
07-11-15 “daffodil creamy white drops”

digital photo

Daffodils. It’s always good to see their foliage emerging in those waning days (we hope) of winter and early days of spring. And water drops seem to make everything look more interesting, including these creamy white petals kissed by the rain.

july 10

07-10-15 "tulip pinkish-red"
07-10-15 “tulip pinkish-red”

digital photo

These long-ago-planted tulips just keep coming back and coming back. I had no idea they were so long-lived! So, I had to include them for their stamina as well as their color and interesting blooms.

july 9

07-09-15 "iris royal purple"
07-09-15 “iris royal purple”

digital photo

Here is another close view of another spring flower in front: siberian iris or japanese iris (I’ve heard it called both). I love these flowers, although they grow and fill in like crazy! (Anyone need some?!) The color is so rich and delightful!

july 8

07-08-15 "butternut squash soup orange"
07-08-15 “butternut squash soup orange”

digital photo

This is one of my favorite soups, so we started growing butternut squash in our garden a couple of years ago. That year, we harvested so many that the last soup I made with them was into summer. This year we didn’t get quite so many (some were sacrificed to animals, but we also just didn’t plant as many). So, this soup may or may not be our homegrown squash, but the color is still rich. And the taste…. Mmmmmm.

july 6

07-06-15 "coral bells coral"
07-06-15 “coral bells coral”

digital photo

These coral bells in the front flower bed are thriving this year (although a bunny later discovered them and found them tasty). Such vibrant pink-y, coral-y color in these delicate blooms.

july 5

07-05-15 "bluebell blue"
07-05-15 “bluebell blue”

digital photo

Another early spring flower, the virginia bluebell (hope I’ve got that right…). These beauties are a bit fragile when picked, but they make a lovely color swath in the yard and beds in spring.

Hope you noticed I picked “red, white, and blue” for the holiday weekend! 😉

july 4

07-04-15 "dutchman's breeches white"
07-04-15 “dutchman’s breeches white”

digital photo

This photo was taken in early spring, in preparation for these color posts. Remember when it was pleasantly cool out?! Here is a reminder.

july 3

07-03-15 "raspberry sauce red"
07-03-15 “raspberry sauce red”

digital photo

And the raspberries become seedless raspberry sauce. This is delightful with yogurt and fruit, with cereal (so Matt tells me), on cookies and cake, on ice cream, and almost anything else you can think of. I mean, really—what could the addition of this sauce not enhance?

july 2

07-02-15 "raspberries red"
07-02-15 “raspberries red”

digital photo

The lovely fruit with the seeds that scare some folks away. But oh, that flavor! Love them (although in recent years it’s only been in de-seeded raspberry puree). We have had a healthy crop this year.