july 27, 2016

07-27-16 "unfinished"
07-27-16 “unfinished”

6×6″ marker on paper

Well, this is as good as it gets this week. An unfinished work. I will be taking off a few weeks from even the lighter random, not-quite-daily jane grind, as we move to a new (to us) house in town. We are in the midst of packing chaos, and in order to make progress in the rest of my studio, I need to pack things up. So…stay tuned, and I’ll get back to sharing artwork on my blog as soon as I can. I hope to finish this unfinished by then! Be well!

july 22, 2016

07-22-16 "milkweed"
07-22-16 “milkweed”

digital photo

I was happy to see a neighbor along my neighborhood walking path growing a few milkweed plants for the monarchs, but sad to see this pod that had fallen (or been chewed) off onto the sidewalk. I walked past at first, but then decided to pick it up and take a photo of it once back home. So here’s a daily jane for a busy week. I’m going to try to eke out one more next week, then take August off (at least officially–I hope to still do some creating!).

july 12, 2016

07-12-16 "get it together"
07-12-16 “get it together”

6×6″ acrylic, ink on paper

I used a couple of different print blocks to start this out. Then I used a palette knife to create various lines with acrylic, a gel pen to embellish the printed circles a bit, and a sponge to apply the transparent paint in the middle. I am stopping here because I don’t want to go too far…but I’m not sure it’s done done.

july 5, 2016

07-05-16 "sunburst butter lemon meringue"
07-05-16 “sunburst butter lemon meringue”

6×6″ acrylic, marker on paper

This began with some paint scrapes. I was looking in my collage materials for some ideas for accessorizing, and I saw a series of wall paint sample strips. I liked these three words/phrases together so I cut them out and adhered them onto the paint. I decided to doodle with the marker and got a little carried away with that. And here it is. Sunburst Butter Lemon Meringue.