april 20

04-20-15 "upstream"
04-20-15 “upstream”

11×14″ acrylic on paper

Lots of layers in this one. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but that isn’t so unusual! Fish swimming upstream (didn’t plan that, either). I see it (or at least the suggestion of it); do you?

april 17

04-17-15 "pollen circle"
04-17-15 “pollen circle”

digital photo

Some 20-year-old tulips keep peeking out from under the boxwood and other shrub on either side of the front step every spring. We thought we had dug up all of them years ago, but now we have to admire their pluck and survival skills.

I grabbed this close-up shot of the pistil and stamens, appreciating the color and pattern of the tulip innards.

april 16

04-16-15 "mermaid"
04-16-15 “mermaid” —SOLD—

8.25×6″ acrylic on matboard

Scraped and brushed acrylic. I saw a mermaid, so I tried to enhance her a little at the top and bottom by some painted suggestions.

april 14

04-14-15 "spring beauty"
04-14-15 “spring beauty”

digital photo

This is such a beautiful time of the year. New green growth is dusting trees and bushes, and many are blooming in vivid magentas, pinks, whites, and more. And wildflowers are rampant in the yard, in the flower beds, in the woods—everywhere you look. Spring Beauties are one of my favorite wildflowers; my phone camera did such a nice job of focusing (it often is so finicky) that I had to share this singular spring beauty.

april 13

04-13-15 "thirty years"
04-13-15 “thirty years”

water-based ink block print

This is a two-block lineoleum print from blocks that my soon-to-be-spouse and I made for the front of our wedding invitation. I dug the blocks out of our little wedding memorabilia box and made a new print with them. These colors are a little more purple-y/mauve-y than the original dusty rose colors, but the blocks have held up pretty well!

Special thanks to all of our family and friends who loved and supported us that cloudy, rainy (and a bit nervy) Saturday afternoon—and have continued to love and support us throughout these many years.

Love you, Matt. Here’s to 30 more! xoxo

april 12

04-12-15 "bursting"
04-12-15 “bursting”

8.25×8″ acrylic on matboard

Lots of texture in this scraped and dabbed painting. New life bursting out. I’m letting this go a little earlier than I should, perhaps. But the practice of letting go is probably as important as the practice of daily making.

april 11

04-11-15 "cat spirits"
04-11-15 “cat spirits”

9.5×7.5″ acrylic on matboard

Scraped and overscraped. I don’t know why, but I see climbing and hiding cats in this painting. That might ruin it for some of you—or make it for others. Enjoy!