august 21

08-21-15 "color makes a difference"
08-21-15 “color makes a difference”

5×8″ acrylic, collage, colored pencil

This piece is the first page of a watercolor sketchbook and I’m leaving it in the book for now. I originally stopped earlier with a bright solid background behind the collaged-on paint chips. Then I decided to write the title phrase repetitively on top of the background and took photos of it. But I decided it was not quite done, so I painted a transparent (zinc) white over the piece. Still not enough. I brushed over it a couple more times adding some opaque (titanium) white in with the zinc. Then I re-photographed it on the cement front porch. And now…it appears to be done. For now.

august 19

08-19-15 "the surprise"
08-19-15 “the surprise”

9×6.25″ acrylic, collage

This was supposed to be two daily janes. It was totally going to be two daily janes. Two days of dailies, done! Until I stacked one on top of the other to take downstairs and snap the photos. Then I said, ooooh, I kind of like how they look together! And some of the paint lines on one seemed to magically match up with edges or paint lines on the other. And then it was all over. I glued the one on paper on top of the one on matboard. And now I have to do another daily jane to replace the one that became one with the other. Dang. 😉

august 18

08-18-15 "mellow"
08-18-15 “mellow”

3.5×5.25″ acrylic

This started out as a slice of melon from memory (since I had already cut up the whole thing). I made a wrong turn that the art judge didn’t feel could be remedied, so I set the painting aside. With more brushwork and cotton-ball-work and colors and softening, now it’s just a pleasing (to me) set of shapes and colors. The judge has been quieted for the most part—at least enough to post this for you.

august 17

08-17-15 "spot, the dog"
08-17-15 “spot, the dog” —SOLD—

5.25×3.5″ acrylic

The last in this latest mini-series of acrylic block prints and brushwork combinations. Every time I look at this, I see a dog head with a patch eye…thus, the title.

august 14

08-14-15 "sediment"
08-14-15 “sediment”

5.25×3.5″ acrylic prints

I used acrylic paint with some old and new block prints, a brayer impression, and a some brushwork to make this piece. I cut the “bubbles” block today. It’s always fun to use these little blocks in new combinations.

august 13

08-13-15 "august colors"
08-13-15 “august colors”

5×3.5″ collage, acrylic

Almost all of these colors are pieces of dried acrylic paint from my palette paper collaged onto another piece of paper. I used a tiny bit of wet paint to fill in a couple of white spaces I didn’t like, but very little.

august 12

08-12-15 "relief"
08-12-15 “relief”

6.5×5.75″ acrylic

I scraped layers of acrylic on a piece of matboard, then printed a block print (existing) over the top. A brighter light helps one see the textures and layers in this one.