february 8

02-08-15 "two geese on pond"
02-08-15 “two geese on pond”

This morning on my walk I added a nature loop down to the pond by the middle school. Several geese were honking and carrying on as I walked off the path closer to the pond to get a little better vantage point for a photo. The two in this shot were happy just to stand close to one another atop the frosty ice.

Occasionally along the way, I had to slow my usual pace because of ice patches on some of the sidewalks, streets, and driveways (even though it was above freezing when I left). At one point, I hit a hidden patch of ice with both feet flat-footed and found myself moving forward traction-free. It was an exhilarating few moments as I slid, my back arched and my arms flailing outward. But thankfully I stayed vertical.

As I arrived home, I took a few close-ups of snow and ice and garden detritus. I’ll put those in some future posts.