february 13

02-13-15 "friday the 13th"
02-13-15 “friday the 13th”

10″x8″, acrylic on silkish material

I’ve always like the number 13, so having it be Friday, too, is even better!

This might be the last piece of silk or silk-wannabe material I have on hand. I scraped transparent acrylic paint onto the material, then did some block printing with acrylic on top of that. I cut one small new block that I used in a repeat horizontally across the piece, then used part of an existing block here and there in the magenta color.

I like this new blend of scraping and block-printing, and using paint on silk (even though it can get a little puckery, like this one did). Probably something I wouldn’t have tried right now if not for the daily janes!

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