february 19

02-19-15 "rooibos dye pot"
02-19-15 “rooibos dye pot”

digital photo

Today I tried a new thing: I dyed some natural merino yarn with some rooibos tea. This photo was taken while the yarn was still steeping in the pot. Last fall I learned how to dye fiber with Jill Beebout at Blue Gate Farm, but we used her bright, bold commercial (not sure that’s the right term) dyes. Since I don’t have any of those dyes on hand (yet), I searched for easier, natural alternatives (and a reminder on the process, because I failed to take notes while working with Jill!). This one looked the most promising, and I followed the “recipe” for the most part. Perhaps I could have let the yarn sit even longer, but it was in there quite awhile.

Now the dyed yarn is hanging in the basement to dry, so time will tell, but it’s a nice color so far. You never know, it may turn up in another daily jane someday!