february 18

02-18-15 "upside down"
02-18-15 “upside down”

ink, acrylic, collage, block print, 6.75×6″

This piece looked a lot different earlier today. It had a white background and no block printing on top. I even took a photo of it that way. But something about it was bugging me. So, I took the plunge and tried some other things.

Going another step on something that could be done—this is a dangerous time. A few minutes will tell whether one more step has “ruined” all that has come before, or whether it is the thing that makes one say, “done.” Dangerous, but compelling and exciting time. Anyway, today, right now, I say it’s done. *whew!*

february 16

02-16-15 "depth"
02-16-15 “depth”

3.5×2.5″ acrylic

This little image is a scrape-and-roll piece—first a scrape, then a brayer roll of distressed paint. The liquefied nature of some of the scraped part—and the shape of the whole—reminds me of a partially submerged island or iceberg, despite the non-water/non-ice colors going on.

february 15

02-15-15 "suspended"
02-15-15 “suspended”

A new digital photo of snow and garden near the house. It looks like the middle part is suspended—like a spider on an invisible web. Actually it’s the top part of a dormant plant peeking up through the snow—the only part of the twig that is in sharp focus.

february 13

02-13-15 "friday the 13th"
02-13-15 “friday the 13th”

10″x8″, acrylic on silkish material

I’ve always like the number 13, so having it be Friday, too, is even better!

This might be the last piece of silk or silk-wannabe material I have on hand. I scraped transparent acrylic paint onto the material, then did some block printing with acrylic on top of that. I cut one small new block that I used in a repeat horizontally across the piece, then used part of an existing block here and there in the magenta color.

I like this new blend of scraping and block-printing, and using paint on silk (even though it can get a little puckery, like this one did). Probably something I wouldn’t have tried right now if not for the daily janes!

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february 12

02-12-15 "dreaming of spring"
02-12-15 “dreaming of spring” —SOLD—

water-soluble ink, acrylic, silk, 2.5×3.5″

I muddled up this little piece of a larger print from last week and thought it was headed for the recycling bin or the collage pile. Turns out I have recycled it in a sense. I added some little pieces of silk material that I collaged on and made it an abstracted spring garden. The vibrancy of the silk colors are muted and darkened due to the color below them as well as the medium that adheres them to the paper.

february 10

02-10-15 "circle dance"
02-10-15 “circle dance” —SOLD—

approx. 7″x7.5″

A scraped acrylic painting on rag watercolor paper. I scraped back the other way while the paint was still wet to create the heavier layer of paint partway up. Then it looked to me like a group gathered in a circle. This is probably destined to be a poem-painting in the future.

february 9

02-09-15 "garden detritus"
02-09-15 “garden detritus”

This still life on snow is as I found it yesterday morning. Nature’s design (with some help from a shovel and snowblower, I’m guessing). It reminds me of quiet days gone by.