march 4

03-04-15 "smiling eye"
03-04-15 “smiling eye”

watercolor pencil (wet), pen

Well, I tried my other eye today…took a photo of it while smiling. My first idea was to make a fabric collage to create the eye image. But I realized once I started cutting one piece of fabric that it was going to take much more time than I had today.

So, I drew it on a 10.5″x13.5″ piece of light pink matboard (the image is not edge to edge, by any means!). Did some pen work, then started in with the watercolor pencils. At one point one of the watercolor pencils I was using got too short, and the wood surrounding it tore up the matboard a little bit. *sigh*

As always, it needs more work than I have time to do. I wish I could get looser when doing more “realistic” work, but it rarely happens. Maybe I’ll try to do that the next time!