march 21

03-21-15 "twig arc"
03-21-15 “twig arc”

digital photo

We hiked a trail near the river recently and this is a close-up of an old tree stump along the path with a twig cleverly placed (naturally, not by me) within the bark.

march 20

03-20-15 "cracked"
03-20-15 “cracked”

10×8″ acrylic on matboard

Continuing the unintentional theme this week of modified scraped paintings, here is another example of dressing up an existing scraped piece. The artist doesn’t even know whether it will remain this way. Happy Spring!

march 19

03-19-15 "heart tendrils"
03-19-15 “heart tendrils”

10×8″ acrylic on matboard

I like the texture of some of the acrylic work on this scraped painting background. I’m stopping the tinkering now….

march 16

03-16-15 "ghost kitty"
03-16-15 “ghost kitty”

8×7″ acrylic on matboard

This is a fresh scrape of acrylic over an old painting (with a red background), then a block print (using acrylic) over that.

When I did the last Tigerlily painting/print, the block-printing process left some nice stripes on a cat-body-shaped piece of paper I used to protect the body of the cat in the work. Today, I decided to reverse the process, using the outer paper around the cat body shape to mask the rest of the painting and leave the striping block prints in the shape of Tigerlily.

And now I will try to leave Tigerlily behind.

march 12

03-12-15 "tigerlily too"
03-12-15 “tigerlily too” —SOLD—


This is another monoprint of Tigerlily in water-based ink, dressed up with some block-printing in acrylic in the background, and some acrylic paint in the surrounding border. (More on the origin of the image is in yesterday’s post.)