march 11

03-11-15 "tigerlily"
03-11-15 “tigerlily” —SOLD—

water-based monoprint, acrylic, 10″x8″

This monoprint used a plexiglass plate and water-based media to print this on a piece of matboard. The image is based on a drawing I made of my childhood cat, Tigerlily, when I was eight years old. After making this print, I went back in and tinted the body of the cat with transparent acrylic paint, and added some marks to the background. In addition to a couple of monoprints, I also painted a larger version of this image.

march 9

03-09-15 "bubbling up"
03-09-15 “bubbling up” —SOLD—


Today I tried to redeem a set-aside again (a painting I set aside months, even years, ago). I used acrylic paints over some of the watercolor (or extremely diluted acrylic) areas, and left other parts of the original piece showing. Then I added some transparent white “bubbles” over everything, although it’s hard to see them on the lighter area.

It’s not completely redeemed yet, but it’s closer to staying out of the trash.

march 8

03-08-15 "mosaic leaf"
03-08-15 “mosaic leaf”

digital photo

Here is another image from the woods—a dried leaf on the ground revealing much more character than I realized when it first caught my eye. I have a couple of other views of this same leaf that I may post in the coming days.

march 7

03-07-15 "new growth"
03-07-15 “new growth”

digital photo

Today was a beautiful day for a stroll in the woods. Visual and audio delights abounded (especially when the geese started infighting after invading the ducks’ space on the pond). This image is a close-up of green growth (fungi? lichen?) on a rotting log on the ground; life amid decay.

march 6

03-06-15 "inda acra"
03-06-15 “inda acra”

15×15″ (adding on to march 5’s posted image)

Well, I didn’t listen to those who liked march 5’s painting the way it was. (Sorry Lou!) And now I’m not sure I like what I’ve done. I know, I’ll keep working and working and working on it until I’m sure I don’t like it! 😉 Ha! But it’s Friday, and I have a whole week ahead of me. This will probably be the last time this piece will be a daily jane, but never say never.

march 5

03-05-15 "inda blue"
03-05-15 “inda blue”

15×15″ acrylic, watercolor pencil

This used to be an all watercolor pencil painting. It has been sitting in my studio for years, unsatisfied. It caught my eye today, and I decided to overpaint one of the colors with a diluted, transparent acrylic named Indanthrene Blue. I still may go over the lavender color at some point (tomorrow?) with watercolor pencil, acrylic, or something else, but here it is for today.

march 4

03-04-15 "smiling eye"
03-04-15 “smiling eye”

watercolor pencil (wet), pen

Well, I tried my other eye today…took a photo of it while smiling. My first idea was to make a fabric collage to create the eye image. But I realized once I started cutting one piece of fabric that it was going to take much more time than I had today.

So, I drew it on a 10.5″x13.5″ piece of light pink matboard (the image is not edge to edge, by any means!). Did some pen work, then started in with the watercolor pencils. At one point one of the watercolor pencils I was using got too short, and the wood surrounding it tore up the matboard a little bit. *sigh*

As always, it needs more work than I have time to do. I wish I could get looser when doing more “realistic” work, but it rarely happens. Maybe I’ll try to do that the next time!

march 2

03-02-15 "me eye"
03-02-15 “me eye”

3.25×5.25″ watercolor pencil (dry), colored pencil

Ah, I may go back and work more on this someday. Not enough time, not enough time. Lots of shading and darkening needed. Not enough time to show you how really red and exhausted my eye(s) really are today! Not enough…but enough.