september 11

09-11-15 "walking monolith"
09-11-15 “walking monolith”

11.5×7″ acrylic, collage on matboard

I had the blue/purple “monolith” (on paper) already scraped and cut out. I was looking for colors that would make it stand out and also complement it. I took this piece of matboard and made a couple of different scraping passes with yellow/magenta/orange acrylic colors. When that was dry, I collaged the painted monolith on top.

And this: Fourteen years ago hijacked planes brought down the Twin Towers and destroyed many lives in NYC, DC, and Pennsylvania. The shock of it in the US lingers even today, although the numbers of lives lost pale in comparison to those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan—both US troops and Afghani and Iraqi civilians—as well as those killed in Syria and beyond. In the months after 9/11, I organized a project documenting Iowa artists’ responses to the terrorist acts (and beyond). It is a good day to revisit those responses by visual artists, musicians, writers, and poets.
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