september 17

09-17-15 "peachy"
09-17-15 “peachy”

9×11″ acrylic

This is a repurposed peach from long ago. It was a practice peach for a poem-painting, and I also had tried out different colored pens on top of the paint for writing the poem. For this daily, I painted over the penned words, cleaned up the edges, and added the background color (and barely visible painted lines, the final touch).

The original had an unpainted (whitish) background, and the painted peach edges were messy and sketchy. I actually liked it that way, in a way. I didn’t intend to clean up the edges quite so much, but once I added the blue-purple color in the background, the edges didn’t seem to work as well. I don’t love this yet, but sometimes that’s how it happens with the daily janes.