september 28

09-28-15 "super moon monday"
09-28-15 “super moon monday”

digital photo

I had a hard time deciding between this image of the super moon post-eclipse this morning, or a photo from last night during the full eclipse with rust moon and part of our house. I love the color and the form of the house in the one from last night, but the moon is definitely blurrier and the night sky is lit from a nearby streetlight. So, I opted for this morning’s better moon.

I hope you were able to experience this beautiful phenomenon live and in-person. I plan to post more photos on my artwork facebook page, including the one I describe above.

I also took some photos of the moon last night on my old film SLR camera. I’m not sure they were focused well or whether they’ll turn out at all, and I won’t find out until the film is developed and printed! Remember when we always had to wait to see our photographs?