june 22, 2017

06-22-17 "bugsy"
06-22-17 “bugsy”

digital photo

Although the 7-day nature photo challenge is over, I continue to take backyard flower and plant photos. This time an insect photo-bombed a coneflower. I am not really a bug-lover, but look at those antennae—they’re like antlers! Gotta love that. In my brief search I didn’t find out what type of beetle this is, but it’s very interesting!

june 21, 2017

06-21-17 "the fire inside"
06-21-17 “the fire inside”

digital photo

This is a close-up of a purple Calibrachoa (baby petunia) that turned out to be blurred (due to wind). But the colors were so wonderful, so I zoomed in anyway and cropped to accentuate the glowy blur of colors.

june 20, 2017

06-20-17 "pink"
06-20-17 “pink”

digital photo

This is the side of one pink Calibrachoa bloom. Think baby petunias, which is what I call them. When I zoomed in I was more interested in the contrast between the bright pink and the dark background than the actual bloom itself.

june 19, 2017

06-19-17 "lavender green"
06-19-17 “lavender green”

digital photo

Thanks to my facebook flower friends, I know now what this flower is: a balloon flower. I love the color and form of the balloon bud. In cropping the photo, I liked the shapes, colors, and positioning of these buds. Since I took the photo, the purple one has opened up. Beautiful.

june 15, 2017

06-15-17 "milkweed flower"
06-15-17 “milkweed flower”

digital photo

Prompted by a facebook 7-day “nature photo” challenge (thanks, Janice), this is the first of seven photos I took in our backyard today. I know I should probably take a photo each of seven days, but that’s not happening (at least I can’t count on it happening). But in addition to fulfilling the nature photo challenge, I now have seven daily janes in a row! Haven’t done that in awhile.

We have one milkweed plant in back (courtesy of the previous owner, I imagine—or the wind). Having seen milkweed almost exclusively (as far as I knew, anyway) in autumn when the signature pods are present, I was delighted to see these blooms forming then opening.

may 19, 2017

05-19-17 "opening"
05-19-17 “opening”

digital photo

I took this photo of a not-quite-open peony before the wind and hail and rain storms of the past few days. It’s nice to see a peony looking so fresh and new again.